Guidance for Parents, Guardians and Commenters.

Guidance For Parents and Guardians, and Commenters alike.
This is a family orientated blog, and we only publish content and stories that are of a family nature, fun and/or adventuresome.

We would always ask that minors have adult guidance/supervision when reading ANY blogs on-line, and steps taken to ensure younger readers are not subject to inappropriate subject matter.

Whilst we aim for our stories to be suitable for readers of 12 years and upwards (teens/young adults upwards- Harry Potter age range), they may also be suitable for younger audiences too. In this regard though we would advise that some of the adventures may have themes, or include scenes or actions by characters that younger readers or those without life skills or understanding may find sad or upsetting or can not understand and require explanation. Please do pre-read the blog to ensure that for your younger readers it fully meets your and their needs.


Notes re. comments and commenting……

I hope that all my readers will enjoy this site, and feel able, and comfortable to leave comments (assuming where applicable, parents and guardians permit) about the stories that have given us so much pleasure over the many hours days and literary months they have taken to write.

If someone wishes a comment of theirs removed, please contact us by leaving a comment on the page, and we will endeavour to delete the comment from the post as soon as is practicable to do so.

It is incumbent on YOU, the visitors/commenter, to not post anything that you would not wish seen by others. If in doubt DON’T say it, write it, or type it.

This IS a family blog/social media site and as such ‘minors’ may be viewing and reading comments left on my page. Vetting should pick up anything unsavoury, but please consider carefully the language, nature, and context of comments that are left. If it’s not suitable for your young kids or your granny, it isn’t suitable here or wanted here. Anything blue should be left at the door.

Zero Tolerance.

This site will block visitors who abuse our hospitality, and the harmony of commenting, spam etc. and we will also delete comments that are not suitable. Comments of an abusive, racist, sexual or otherwise explicit nature, or inciting to commit crimes or a breach of the peace, or incite hatred will NOT be accepted under any circumstance and will be dealt with accordingly. We of course DO approve of healthy comment and criticism, as that is good. Just please DO NOT cross over the line.

~~~~~~~~  >^..^<  ~~~~~~~~~

And finally…. We wish you all a very happy read, and hope you will come back soon to enjoy more adventures and short stories from our hectic and funny world……

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