The Lost Stories

If there is one of my older stories you would like to re-read, or are new to reading about my life and adventures, and would like to see how and where it all began, you may be surprised to see that the stories aren’t around and links may be broken. Fear not, my older stories are all in the process of being updated and re-edited. Mrs H has kindly taken on the task and is slowly working her way through these. She has her own blog page, and you can find the digitised stories there, as and when she has time between gardening, washing, and doing all manner of other things as well as going on adventures with me!

Love and Laugh Like a Pirate.

If you are looking for Erin and Valentines latest Pirate Adventure, I am pleased to say that this will soon be published in book, and later in Kindle form. Accordingly the actual blog posts have been taken down. The Published version is a rewritten story and includes extra chapters too. We think you’ll enjoy this even more than the original posts.
Watch this space for more details and updates as to publication dates.

A New Case.

My latest adventure, A New Case, will be published in book form and then later in Kindle form, so this story will also be removed from the blog. The book version includes extra fun chapters and a very special ending. 
So please watch this space for more details and sneak look behind the scenes…..

One thought on “The Lost Stories”

  1. Erin, this is all sooooooooo epically exciting fur sure!We're just popping offur to see Mrs H, as we heard on Tuesdays she serves mouse dumplings with extra special nip sauce, hope to see mew in the dining room stat! MOLPurrsThe B Team xx


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