Tommy the Fieldmouse’s Night-Time Adventures

Story by Geoff Swift, and Illustrated by Jane Cornwell


Hello, and welcome to my weekend Book Review featuring this week Adventures in First Chapter Books. 

As you all know, Erin is a real cat and, as such, has a love of all mice – or should that be all things mouse? Not to worry, suffice to say, she prides herself on keeping in check the many mice we have here at the Manor. Imagine her surprise then when Mrs H called her into the kitchen yesterday morning with the news that a mouse had arrived by special delivery . . . 

“Erin, dear, Tommy the Fieldmouse has arrived. I placed him on the table away from the pies I’m baking.” Mrs H gestured to the kitchen table with her flour-covered hands. “Wouldn’t do to get it all covered in pastry, now would it?”

“As nice as mice pies and gravy are, Mrs H, I’d really not like it to have a name, let alone be introduced to the, er, filling! That’s enough to put me off mice for life. And anyway, I haven’t ordered any mice. Plus, I agreed at the latest Parish Church Mouse Liaison Committee meeting that as long as they didn’t come in, I’d not chase them. Do you think I need to chat with the vicar again?” Erin asked, scratching thoughtfully behind her ear.

“No, dear, the mouse is in paper form.”

“Well, even with one of your nice cheese sauces, I doubt that’s going to taste very nice, is it?”

“Oh dear, I think I may have confused you, Erin,” Mrs H sighed. Having washed and dried her hands picked up the package. “The mouse is, in fact, that wonderful new book by GEOFF SWIFT that we saw last month. The artist, JANE CORNWELL, knowing of your interest in all things wildlife, kindly sent us a copy of this new release so we could review it on the blog.”

“Oh, I see. Those are the kind of mice I like; lots of fun and no need to chase anything.” Erin smiled and, having let Mrs H put the cheese and sweet potato pies in the oven, settled down to read this week’s STAR book. It is called Tommy the Fieldmouse’s Night-Time Adventures. And I can assure you it is both wonderful to read and to look at. 

© J Cornwell.



Published by: JC STUDIO PRESS

Publication date: 6 JUNE 2022

Paperback ISBN: 978 – 1 – 7398281 – 5 – 8

Cover price for Paperback: £ 7.45

Pages: 44.

Age range: Middle Grade (6-12 AND upwards)


Some as to plot direction and characters. 

Thank you to… 

We are exceedingly grateful to JANE CORNWELL for agreeing to send a copy of this delightful Chapter Book adventure for our Read & Review. 

As ever, our views are our own, and we only share reviews of books we like and feel our readers deserve to know about and that we hope they will enjoy. 

The plot

Tommy is a fieldmouse on a quest to find his supper. And he knows just where to get it: in a field across the river.

© Tommy off to find his food.

But to get there, he has to run a gauntlet of the river and various predators. Of course, there are friends too. But will they be able to help?

In this fun ‘first chapter book’, we will see Tommy in all manner of places and situations. Getting his supper isn’t the problem; staying alive long enough to enjoy it and not being another creature’s supper is. 

© Grant on the prowl

So, what did we think?

This is a beautiful and informative adventure for the inquisitive young reader that I know will grab their attention. The story is simple, elegant, and just dramatic enough to give an authentic flavour of what a fieldmouse’s life is like – the good and the bad.

© Grant the Owl

The author has got the balance of fun, fear and fact just right. At the start of the book, we have information about ‘Grain crops’ which are a fieldmouse’s fav food. The book concludes with a set of fun facts for each of the main animals in the story. 

The artwork throughout this tale is stunning! There are full-page or half-page images on nearly every page. The artistic expression of the creatures in the story is accurate and dynamic but never harsh on the eye. 

So . . . . 

Crunch time. 

Whilst not long, it has so much to offer. The book is out now, and I whole heartedly recommend this for the young reader. 

Geoff Swift has written many books for the young reader, and Jane has brought the stories alive visually for him. It is clearly an inspirational partnership. If this book appeals and you wish to see more about both author and artist/illustrator, please do follow the links below to their respective websites.

Now, one lucky reader of this blog will receive a free copy of this book. All you have to do is leave a comment below. A winner will be picked randomly from Mrs H’s hat on Friday morning next week. So only comments up to midnight Thursday 4th August 2022 (UK time) will be included. The winner will be notified by a reply posted by me against their comment. They must also be prepared to forward their name and address for me to use to post the book.

Want to buy a copy?

© Tommy the Fieldmouse on the run.

To get a copy, please scamper to local independent bookshop. There are plenty out there, and each is just waiting to serve up a treasure of literal magical resource, fun and adventure with a personal touch.

Geoff Swift’s web page can be found HERE or type this:

Jane Cornwell’s web page can be found HERE. Or type this:

It just remains for me to post a selfie of me chillin’ out, after a rather tasty pie, on my cooling mat . . . 

© Erin the cat Princess

And remember: Reading books is fun and good for you. Eating mice definitely isn’t, unless you’re a cat!

Till laters!