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Whiskery Delight.

Hello and welcome to The Sunday Selfies!

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As you may recall, last week was all about missing seasons. This week happens to be more about a delayed season—spring. Mrs H and I nipped over to the old gamekeepers lodge to do a bit of delayed spring cleaning and pest control. Needless to say ol’ Ned isn’t into dusting on account of his bad eyesight, and is more of a hazard to himself and the ornaments.

So, in this week’s selfie you can see yours truly directing Mrs H as to where to swish and swoop with her feather duster on a pole. Any stray spiders were my responsibility to round and chase to the door. . . . . .via the hearth, sofa, bookcase, piano, bureau, back to the book case, and then under a pile of old newspapers.

Let me tell you, it is a lot harder work than it looks, chasing a creature with eight legs and dozens of eyes and the ability to run upside down and up walls. Factor in they have lots of legs and loads more eyes, they make a formidable opponent. Anyways, come the end of the session, Mrs H says I fully deserved my nap and extra treats. And whilst she isn’t entirely certain how many of the spiders actual did make it out the door, she says I did lose some weight, which in her book counts just as much.

Here’s looking at you, spider……

I hope you like my black and white whiskery delight selfie. Please do tell what pursuits you all like to supervise your staff do?


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