Book Reviews.


Book Reviews. 

Erin the cat Princess© is a private blog. We are not attached to or affiliated with any shop, publishing house, agents, or representatives thereof.

We share our stories and the happenings in our village of Upper Much-Mousing, as well as aspects of our book, currently out at agents.

More importantly, we also like to share and review the books that Mrs H finds on her travels. Or those sent to us by authors, publishers and agents that meet our criteria.

If you would like us to review a book for you, please do contact us via the email address ERINTHECATPRINCESS@GMAIL.COM, and we will be happy to discuss a review. 

Please note that our promise to our readers is that the books we review and share are those we have, or would like to buy ourselves, and have enjoyed. 

Accordingly, we promise a fair review if the subject matter is correct. We would rather not review a book than give a bad review. After all, tastes vary so much, and authors and publishers have worked hard to create their work. 

We will not review books that do not meet our criteria. 

Our criteria.

We currently read, but are not limited to, Children’s Middle-Grade Mystery, Murder, or Adventure books, Picture Books. Or fun, more adult-oriented adventures like the Rivers of London series of novels and novellas.

While this blog has a mixed age audience, we will not review books containing behaviour or language not suited to the book’s age group, no matter the genre. Books of a mature nature, will be flagged as such in our review.

Please remember that I have to read them first! 

Books containing felines are always welcome. Biographies not so.


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