As Fit as a Flea. . .

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Hello, and welcome to the 6th selfie of the New Year.

But first, the continuation of our little story. . ..

Mrs Hudson sat beside Erin’s bed and gazed down on the princess, who was looking particularly dishevelled. “Well, how do you feel?”

“A bit better today, thank you, Mrs H. I think. . . ” Erin blew her nose into a fresh tissue and then dropped it into a small dustbin beside her bed, joining countless others. “I think I’m over the worst of that flu bug. But I do feel as though I could sleep for a week.”

“So nearly back to normal then.” Mrs Hudson winked to indicate she was only joking, as she knew the princess was not one to sit down on the job, well, not unless there was an unruly mouse to be SAT on. Looking at the thermometer, she’d just taken from Erin’s mouth, she double-checked the reading. Satisfied, and having wiped it clean, she slipped it back into its case and carefully sat it on the bedside table. “Well, I’m pleased to say your temperature is back to normal 101.4 to be precise. As fit-as-a-flea, in fact.”

Erin blushed. “Ah, sorry about that I think maybe I do have one—”

Mrs Hudson put up her hand to stop Erin from continuing. “Don’t worry dear, I have spoken to your consultant, and they have made an appointment for you in a few weeks, once you are feeling fully recovered. Now let this all be a lesson for you. Never go out playing in the torrential rain even if you are seeing them toms off for trespassing. There’s are a time and a place for these things, and if boys want to go galavanting around and catching colds – well that’s up to them. You have responsibilities, my dear, and think what would have happened if both you and I were sick at the same time! Old Ned the gardener couldn’t have coped with the cooking; believe me when I say the surprise in his vegetable surprise soup was that he’d managed to peel and but not cook the veg. And Mrs Gusting, the reserve cleaner, would have damaged more than she cleaned; I really do need to book her in for an opticians appointment.”

“I’m sorry Mrs H, I really didn’t mean to cause all this fuss; I’ll be better next time and just shout at those boys in future, at night, from the upstairs bedroom window.”

Mrs Hudson winced at the likely caterwauling and increased lack of sleep she’d get, then sighed. Despite the reproving remarks, she really couldn’t blame Erin for being a feline and estate proud. And there had been so much of it – the cold bug – going around. “Just promise me you’ll be more careful dear, that is all. If it’s raining or cold, wrap up warm and take your vitamins. Less snack food takeaways and more wholesome nourishment.”

Erin propped herself up in bed and beckoned Mrs Hudson over to listen. “Is there any news about, you know, my letter to Val?”

“What letter is that dear? You sent a gift for Myrna, and she sent you a nice reply. I read that to you yesterday.”

“Oh, yes, not that. I mean that proposition I had for VAL.” Erin gave her best attempt at a knowing wink like Mrs H’s.”

“I do hope you and Seville have not got involved in another nip enterprise – South Sea Nip Futures or some other nonsense the Weasel Syndicate Inc. may have cooked up. Those things never hold water, and you will lose your money too!”

“No, my Valentines Day proposition to Val, and my email letter asking him to, well you know, get hitched!”

“Ahhh. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Erin, but I think you were hallucinating – delirious during your fever. I recall you – how should I put it – rambling on about some nautical themed adventures. Alas, I paid no regard. Though Val did send you a nice, ‘get better soon’ gift of a fluffy pink teaser.”

“So no gushing acceptance speeches?”

“No, dear.”

“No bunches of roses and appointments for getting a gown and rings and booking a holiday to Portland?”

“Alas, not. Sometimes we say things when we have a fever – live out in our dreams things that are desires rather than fact. Don’t worry, though, at least you weren’t mobile enough to send out invites or blog about it.”

Erin sighed, and Mrs H could see she had rather burst a bubble that Erin had for so long been inflating in her heart. “Best you rest up and get your strength back so we can get things back to normal. I’m still not over this cold of mine, and will need a hand chasing the mice that have taken advantage of your two-week illness!”

“Two weeks! But I thought I had been off for a day, maybe two or three at the most!” Erin frowned, things really must have been bad. She made a mental note to contact Seville ASAP, to advise him about Mrs H’s comments, and suggest they buy shares elsewhere to fund their early retirement plans.

“Right,” Mrs H continued as she got up and picked up Erin’s empty breakfast tray, “time to get a move on. Rooms to dust, and guttering to wash and leaves to rake. Press the bell if you need me, otherwise have a small nap and then maybe work on this week’s blog post?” Mrs H smiled and left the room, letting the door click softly shut behind her.

Life, it seemed to Erin, had returned to normal. . . .


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20 thoughts on “As Fit as a Flea. . .

  1. Erin this post made petcretary giggle,and well, I kept on napping, as any good senior mancat would do when the princess is in her own bed contemplating about all her previous hallucinations…and well, you did make petcretary feel better despite her own bug issue…

    Have a nice nap, while your MsH does her chores..

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  2. Oh, Erin, poor girl, you need lots of nip…but unfortunately my nip hasn’t grown yet, only a few new sprouts that I…well…have nipped myself the other day…so maybe a nipped Pawkiss will help you on the mend again. I hope so! Here it comes 😸Nipped Pawkisses for a Healthy Happy Sunday🐾😽💞
    Btw you look very sweet in your picture, Purrincess💗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sweet Princess, I’m glad all is well – but I think getting hitched might be a bit difficult as you live so far apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are working on that – apparently they do bargain flights and if I can just get my passport and credit card application sorted I will be over in a trice, or we could get wed over Skype or Facetime? 😉

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  4. I am sure if you proposed, he would have accepted. Glad you feel better. And you are lucky to get your temp taken by mouth- most kitties are not so lucky 🙂 XO

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  5. Erin, you are getting better…kitties sure get the flu hard over in the UK. Hang on to your teeth and feel real good soon. We need you back guarding the palace and leave those toms alone. Get some catalyst that will keep them out….like a cannon. mol


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  6. Oh Erin, sorry you don’t feel well. We’ll be sendin’ lots o purrayers your way. Did you really ask Val to marry you? OMC Can we be bridesmaids? He’d be a fool ifin he said anytin’ but yes!!! You’re the most gawjus princess ever. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  7. Mew mew mew mee was sure you RELLY asked Valentine to marry you ERin Purrincess!! FISHSTICKSS!!
    It was all a dreem??? **sighss**
    Mee an LadyMew are sorry you not feelin guud an hope you are bettur an that Missus H has reecovered too!!!
    You look beeuteefull inn yore snuggley Selfie!
    LadyMew has bin havin trubbell with her ucky Assmah an coffin…poor LadyMew!
    Butt today it WAS sunny out an wee DID Sit out!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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