Preparations. . . .

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     A link to last week’s story about the Decorating Cat can be found HERE.

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     This week I have been making plans for Christmas . . . .


     Yes, December is almost upon us, and this week I have started to get some practice in for the big occasion, aka Christmouse Time, and my birthday, which is on the same day.

It is a very busy time for us at the palace, what with hosting two important events: the Church Mouse Benevolent Fund Christmas Carol Concert, and the village Christmas Tree Decoration Dressing and Undressing Competition. It is also a time of year when we throw open the palace doors and let the poor in to savour the warmth of our fireside, a hot cup of chocolate (cold if Mrs H forgets to pay the electric bill again like she did last year), share roasted mouse mallows (shape of and not real ones), and share a gift or two.

All this does take its toll on Mrs H and me, who do like things quiet. So to make sure we are the peak and pinnacle of our performance, we spend a lot of time practicing speed napping, which we will build up to mid-size naps by mid-December. Come Boxing Day, we will be ready for a super long nap, which, if I can work it for me at least, will see us through into January the second.

So, if you don’t get to see much of us over the Christmouse and my birthday season, you can rest assured that we are both slaving away in one fashion or another. However, any smells of Brussels sprouts that may waft across the land and oceans are definitely NOT coming from us, MOL.

NEXT FRIDAY is the last Friday of the month, and thus is November Photo Fails day!  Join Melissa’s Mochas Mysteries and Meows as she hosts this extravaganza of Photographic Mayhem and Mishap. In fact please do join us with your own mistakes mishaps and misaligned magical moments captured on celluloid and digital film.

Thank you for visiting us this week. If you have any seasonal Thanksgiving, pre-Christmouse and birthday preparation and decorating tips of your own that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments below.

To see what our international blogging pals have been up to this week, be it unpacking decorations in preparation for Thanksgiving or Christmouse, or preparing a few Photo Fail opportunities, please click the links below, and enjoy the Hop!

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8 thoughts on “Preparations. . . .

  1. Mew mew mew yore goin to bee furry busy ERin Purricness an Missus H!! Wee not throwin ANY doorss open here! Let them eat cake! Sumwhere else…
    Mee still not getting THE hole ChristMouse/Catmass deel. LadyMew sayss it iss OKay…..wee cellybrate her Birfday on Catmass Eve….an Chanukkah starts Dee-cemburr 22tooth so wee will be litin Menorah an playin Dreidless an meowin an eatin latkess….(shredded potatoess made into pancakess; they are pawsum!
    Yore background iss gorgeeuss ERin…toetallee brings out yore lovelee furs….
    ***purrsss*** an guud wishess, BellaDharma

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  2. Oh Erin, you look gawjus as always. We luv this time of year too. Peeps seem nicer and luv and joy ius in the air. We do hope you take a minute to join the annual Blessing Train and come to the big end of year pawrty. What with your big day bein’ on another big day, we bet it offen gets overlooked like so many others. You can celebrate alongside all of us in the blogosphere and feel as special as you truly are. We are truly fankful fur your furiendship and hope you have the most Blest holiday season ever. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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  3. Gosh, it’s way too early for me to think about Christmas plans. I haven’t even planned for Thanksgiving yet, except that I’m going to make a crockpot pumpkin pie!

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  4. Very nice selfie. I would pay you to test out our duvets. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of KaTwo. XO

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  5. I am doing just that…sleeping, while petcretary does all the petcretarial work for me, MOL!

    You are going to be busy! I think we know all about that bad word here too…sigh…and I too have a birthday, the day after yours actually…

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