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     A link to last week’s story can be found HERE.

If you want to see some of my—or rather Mrs H’s foot first failures, then click the link HERE.

     Ok, well a cat is never short of a thing to do, and my schedule is fuller than most, being an authoress, and a princess.

Now Mrs H would say that me cutting the paper schedule in quarters doesn’t mean that I actually have a full schedule. Nor does she think every nap and meal break constitute acts of work that can be listed.

I naturally disagree. And as soon as I have a break in my schedule, I am going to write . . . . OK, I won’t actually do the writing, but I shall dictate to Mrs H a strongly word letter to my member of parliament. Naturally, I can add that to my work schedule too, along with proofreading and final editorial consent and publishing. In fact, now I think on it, I best clear my schedule for the rest of the week, so I am ready to jump into action when the reply comes.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you my hard-working selfie. It wasn’t easy squeezing this into the schedule, but having awoken Mrs H at 2AM and after three very large cups of coffee laced with nip, we finally called it a wrap.

     Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed this segment of my schedule, AKA Nap No. 5 of the day.

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11 thoughts on “The Schedule . . .

  1. Sorry we are late commenting on the Sunday selfies we were out volunteering at next year’s WorldCon.

    Have a great Sunday and we LOVE your selfie. You look perfect!

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  2. My heavens Erin, I fell over backwards looking or should I say gapping at your centrefold on the duvet. Hubba hubba…my heart did a little zing. You are so gorgeous and hairy….not a good word, hairy? Voluptuous with fur galore then. To bad you live in England..a long cmmute for me but my back teeth are chattering to me about your beauty.


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  3. After even thinking about a schedule like that I would need a nap too! MOL!

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  4. Oh, you’re so cute in your Selfie, sweet Purrincess. Can you feel me stroke your little chin with my paw? It’s so close, that I had to do it. Pawkisses for a Happy Day and up to sleep 6…MOL😺🐾😽💞

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