Builders brew. . .

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     This week I have been most studious in mastering an ancient art of sleeping. Well, that was the plan anyway, and like best-laid plans of cats and mice, men got in the way — or at least builders got in the way.

Yup, this week we have had the builders in and they have been doing a lot of banging, crashing and general dust creating activities — surprising how much chaos ensues with the searching, finding and plugging in of a kettle.

Now as a rule, me being a ruler and all, I like to nap where I like. So imagine my upset when my favourite spot, one of my all-time favourite spots, aka the new sofa, was invaded by dust sheets cushions and builders materials. There may even have some builders on there too but with all the dust and tools it was hard to tell.

Anyway. Despite various protestations by yours truly from behind various other items of furniture, most of which I suspect were drowned out by their radio and the clatter of spoon on mug, I had to retreat outdoors and satisfy myself with looking in on the many builders busying themselves with essential builder type things aka the crossword and merits of Custard Cream biscuits.

Soon however they broke for lunch and headed to the local pub, giving me a chance to walk unhindered across the destruction, aka the space formerly known as the Great Hall, and head to one of my other fav places, Mrs H’s small but well-proportioned bedroom.

     And there I stayed for two whole days—bar toilet and food deliveries—until said builders departed.

    Thankfully all is now over for a few months or weeks at least, until the folks come to do a makeover of the hearth. Frankly, I think we should worry about the kitchens next, what with Christmas coming and me expecting the whole of the Blogosphere to call round for a nibble and a sip of mulled nip wine.

Which reminds me, I guess I should start rounding up a few nibbles, and I think I know just the hole in which to look, MOL

Anyways, without further ado, or builders tea complete with bits of floating soggy biscuit, here is my selfie:

And, for those with black and white sets, I have done a special one just for you, and here it is:-

     Mrs H said I really didn’t need to, but I do feel it is best to be inclusive, especially as we don’t actually have either a colour or B&W TV ourselves and instead have to listen to the blog on the wireless.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed my post builders special.

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11 thoughts on “Builders brew. . .

  1. OMC Purrincess, I think the only good on this story was that you got room service for two days and that it’s finished and that you finally were able to make a wonderful double sleepy Selfie 😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday and easy week ahead🐾😽💞

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  2. I hate those building projects! Too much disruption of my routines…sigh…
    Glad you are coping. Snoozing is the best way to pass the time:)
    I think I need to take a snooze right now, just like you are:)

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