Toxophily 101

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This week I have been most studious in mastering an ancient art.

Did you realize that Henry VIII decreed that all able-bodied males under 60 should learn how to use a longbow?

No? Well, I can confirm that it’s true. Way back before even Mrs H’s time, in the 1500’s—and by that I mean the 1500’s years and not at around three pm and afternoon tea time—England was getting into a lot of arguments with France and Spain, and generally anyone we didn’t like, which seemed to be most of Europe. So, given the success of our archers, it was decided that it would be a great training activity. Only the clergy and the judges were exempt from the law, and of course the womenfolk too.

Anyways, Henry passed this law, and apparently, it meant you could get out of doing your homework, and housework duties by archery practice. Sadly these days the only archery folks seem to do is using a computer to design buildings.

Still, having learned of this much needed and little-used activity I decided to pass a decree that all those fit and able staff in the palace should partake of this practice. The only exception will be if they get a note from me or Mrs H.

Now if you are wondering what use such a skill might be these days, just think of all the stuff you could get deliver faster by an arrow, the newspaper for one, and the post for another. Not to mention all the litter one could stop from blowing around the place.

Now I can hear a lot of folk saying that this would all be too risky. Well apparently there was a historic answer to that too, and if you killed or maimed someone, you were let off so long as you were practicing your bowmanship at the time!

And here for your toxophilite-delight is this week’s selfie of me practicing . . . .

     And in case your wondering, Mrs H forbade me from using real arrows on account of staff shortages and that I keep shutting my eyes. Do you think this will get me out of doing the washing up and dusting though???

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed my archery special.

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11 thoughts on “Toxophily 101

  1. That’s very interesting!
    I’ve dabbled in a little bit of archery myself (not that I’d say I’m that good) and used to have a (cheapy) compound bow and longbow. It’s certainly a fun activity!
    You have a wonderful form, and maybe if you practice hard enough you will indeed get out of doing chores. Though I agree it’s probably best if you didn’t use real arrows 🙂

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  2. You are really working the archery thing, although I would hate to me on the receiving end of an arrow! * ouch *

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very cute selfie. Will Mrs. H be learning archery too? When I was in high school. we had to learn it in gym class- that was 32 years ago though.

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  4. Hehehe…that’s some COOL Selfie, Erin. Now I like to have some lessons too just to see my litter…and mousies flying by…no need for that mousies, they fly of themselves🙀Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead and Enjoy🐾😽💞

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  5. We never tried archery. I have heard it is indeed a gentleman’s sport but not suited for this household. If Budd tried it, Tyebe would want to try t too and she is not a great one for accuracy….in the same direction is good enough for her. Best we leave such endeavours to the gentlemen and women. Life and limb will be compromised here. Your selfie is terrifiv Erin.


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  6. Well now Erin, that’s very innerestin’. We think that could be a very useful skill indeed. ‘Specially when huntin’ dinner. MOL As always, you be lookin’ gawjus and totally fit as a fiddle. have a pawsum week. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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