September Pet Photo Fails ¡¡?

Welcome to the ‘Pet Photo Fails’ blog Hop!!!

     Welcome one and all to what Mrs H has informed me is NOT the Sunday Selfies, rather the Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop!

      The awesome Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows has kindly taken over this awesome hop from our dearly departed friend, Roby Sweet of the Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles AKA The Old SoLT, as Miss C liked to call her.

     Once a month, the last Friday of the month, we will be getting together to share Mrs H’s not so talented photographic efforts…. OK, so I did have a paw in some of them and maybe an ear or another bodily part in others but I blame Mrs H squarely and fairly for everything else.

This month we have had a right mixed bag of fails – over exposure, under exposure, and some exposures that didn’t even feature yours truly! Yup, can you believe that with the one objective of getting ME in the shot, Mrs H still managed to come up, and down, trumps. Maybe that expression needs revising in light of these fails?

Without further ado I give you a my pick of the embarrassing moments, called rather aptly, Fingers and Thumbs. . . . . .


I Think maybe Mrs H was trying to redact me—plausable deniability so my consultant doesn’t see I’ve possibly put weight on. But that wasn’t me, OK.



As they say in magic circles: Now you see it. . . . .






. . . . . And now you don’t!




     And finally. Following on from last months much applauded fail, which I have entitled/categorized as my ‘Blue Period’, Mrs H brings you a vision in a sort of umber colour. It may look like a space shot of the surface of some far flung planet but I can asure you that this is a one hundred percent digital image— either the first or index finger kind of digital, MOL

Alas, I must now wrap up this weeks shots of disasterous doomed digital dexterity as we have a photoshoot to complete on feet and shoes. My latest plan is for a new brand to overtake the HushPuppy. Called MeowKittens. Only prblem is when you get your first set of MeowKittens you have to introduce them to HushPuppies over a few weeks. Failure to do this could cause undue stress on the fabric and lots of bad nights sleep.


Thankfully once established, you will never be without your MeowKittens, and they will always be ready to head out of doors—unless it’s raining in which case you’ll find them curled up on the nearest warm spot.

Well that’s enough Photo Fails from Mrs H and I – I do hope you enjoyed Mrs H’s fails. It just remains for me to say:

Go on, now show us YOUR Photo Fails!

     Please do hop around all this months star failures and have a bit of fun and laughs on us, after all THAT is what it’s all about 🙂

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