Schoolgirl errors. . .

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This week I have been mainly getting WET.

No, before you ask, I have not been having my annual bath—that, was last year.

And NO I also haven’t been helping Mrs H do either the laundry or dishes—that job requires full rain suit and souwester, and mine happen to be at the laundrette being dry cleaned.

And, I wasn’t caught in the deluge when Mrs H tried to unblock the sink U-bend in the gamekeeper’s cottage.

How, you may ask, did she get wet?

Well, having removed the U-bend, she plugged the sink and ran the taps to flush the pipe. And then, my friends, she made the classic school girl mistake. A mistake, I have to say, I did warn her about . . . Well, I may have warned her about in my head.

Either way, she was warned. . . . of sorts.

Never one to pass up watching the DIY disaster channel, I set myself up on the stairs overlooking the said kitchen, complete with popcorn and a soda and settled down to watch the inevitable. When I say popcorn and soda, what I mean is Felix Crispies, and a Vineroot Beer. And as sure as mice squeak, she did it.

Yup, if you can see what’s coming, then you were head, body and tail faster than Mrs H.

Forgetting she’d removed the U bend, she went under the self-same sink—now full of water—and prodded around with a screwdriver to clear the last vestige of gunk that seemed to be blocking the sink.

And that is where sense left the building, and gravity took over sending a sink full of gungy water pouring down and covering Mrs H, filling the cabinets and flooding the floor.

I would have said ‘I told you so‘ to Mrs H, but the fact that I was laughing a lot—ok, too much—sort of made that a bit difficult.

To be fair, and in my defence, Mrs H has always told me it was bad manners to talk—and by extension to that—laugh, at another’s misfortunes with one’s mouth full. Rest assured once I calmed down, which was a while as Mrs H’s splattered face had me breaking out in giggles for ages, I was able to safely resume my Felix treats and Beer.

Nope, I can safely say it was none of those things that got me wet.

What did get me was some inconsiderate rain in the middle of my night shift. Let me tell you, these things are not to be laughed at, for sure. I mean it’s not as though I filled a sink and then pulled the plug on myself.

Of course, being a kind and generous sort, Mrs H got up at 1:42 AM and towelled me down with only a modicum of prompting. A wet paw and nose in the face work wonders for the heavy sleeper I can tell you.

That’s all from this weeks selection of mishaps, but do remember that next week on Friday we will have the now famous and equally INFAMOUS – Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop, hosted by Melissa Mochas and Meows. Be there or be square as they said—allegedly, in the sixties. Apparently, Mrs H was there but didn’t inhale, MOL.

Admittance is free, and all you need to do is bring your BEST or WORST fails (NO fail too small, or too large) and your giggle box.

Finally, here is my own selfie:-

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Author: Erin, the Literary Cat.

I'm an ND, neurodivergent, Middle Grade fiction writer and book blogger. Erin also happens to be my feline companion, who loves nothing more than to wile away her time listening to all the stories I read to her. Together, we share our own adventures, and those of our fellow Middle Grade writers who enlighten the lives of young, and older, everywhere!

23 thoughts on “Schoolgirl errors. . .”

  1. Meowser ERin dear furiend, that does sound like it was exciting! The jar of pickles the chef broke can’t complete with your drain!!! I didn’t realize your palace had such a water shortage that you were only able to get one bath a year, though… that is a terrible hardship.

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  2. Oh dear! That sounds like quite a wet adventure Mrs. H had indeed! And you as well! Hope you both are able to stay warm and dry this next week. It is rather rainy here as well, so myself and Asami will be indoors resting… and staying dry 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, she is that kind of lady. . . . forgetful. MOL Actually I think we both saw the funny side of both incidents, which were both our own faults and she had chuckled at me too.


  3. Mew mew mew mew oh ERin mee wuud have MOL’ed at Missus H fore sure…Mee shuud ask LadyMew to ‘fix’ or bathroom sink….mew mew mew *winksss*….
    Just think how much fun mee cuud have?
    An you sure have Missus H trained well to keep you dry ERin. Mee has a sirtain MEE-YOW GET MEE OUTTA HERE mee-yow when I need LadyMew to bring mee inn from patio….
    Iss gudd to have well trained staff rite???
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  4. Shucks, its raining and dank here too…and right now it is pounding against the windows. UGH.

    Your story about your staff, made petcretary giggle and giggle…so sorry…(MOL!)

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    1. And that is a furry nice selfie. Were you offering a paw of assistance to your staff??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now there’s the thing, I didn’t offer to lend a paw as everything was so wet, and Mrs H never likes me to leave paw prints on the floors and carpet. I was actually doing her a favour by not creating extra mopping, MOL


  5. Oh Erin, poor Mrs. H. We can see it now. MOL You be lookin’ luvvly as always. We can’t wait fur your fails. We can’t comment on Mudpie’s bloggy so we don’t purrticipate, but trust me, we have purrlenty ourselves. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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