Erin’s July Photo Fails!¡!!

Welcome to the ‘Pet Photo Fails’ blog Hop!!!

     Welcome one and all to what Mrs H has informed me is NOT the Sunday Selfies, rather the Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop!

      The awesome Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows has kindly taken over this awesome hop from our dearly departed friend, Roby Sweet of the Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles AKA The Old SoLT, as Miss C liked to call her.

     Once a month, the last Friday of the month, we will be getting together to share Mrs H’s not so talented photographic efforts…. OK, OK so I did have a paw in some of them and maybe an ear or another bodily part in others but I blame Mrs H squarely and fairly for everything else.

OK, so when we finally got a glimmer of sun come out, Mrs H decided, quite arbitrally, that I was needed to do a photo-shoot for What Lap Cat Magazine, the renown glossy for the well heeled sedate country cat that likes to pose but not get dirty.

Ordinarily I think I would have quite relished it— nice sporting poses and a smile on my face, but somehow my attention just wasn’t there . . . . . . seemingly neither was Mrs H’s as I think you can maybe tell from the shots below:-

     These toys are ALL MINE . . . . not that I’m possessive you understand, MOL


 Definitely too quick, and if Mrs H wants to get the toys away from me she’ll have to try harder and faster than this……


  Personally, you can never pick a bad time for a groom, or have too much tongue—OK maybe this was too much!



Was that the milk delivery I heard?  Two pints of Gold Top cream, please, Mr Milko….


You know, goofing off and doing my country bunny imitation really didn’t go down too well either . . .




     Come the end of the photo session, Mrs H was flagging a bit, and this was the foot-note to the day. She said I must have moved; me, I think she just fancied seeing my beautiful toes. . . .


     OK, so that’s enough Photo Fails from Mrs H and I—well mostly Mrs H as I am generally ends up being abused on film, MOL, so it just remains for me to say:

Go on, now show us YOUR Photo Fails!

     Please do hop around all this months star failures and have a bit of fun and laughs on us, after all THAT is what it’s all about 🙂

To visit our host, Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and Meows, and join via her page, click this LINK.


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4 thoughts on “Erin’s July Photo Fails!¡!!

  1. Those are fun fails!
    Petcretary has tons of fails…actually there are about 100 fails for every one or two that are acceptable, MOL!

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