Hold on to your Teeth!

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Now here is this weeks selfie. . . .

     Many folks have asked how I got on during my operation, 11 days ago, to remove some teeth. Well I didn’t want to say anything until I had had the follow up visit last Thursday, just in case I jinxed things.  So now it’s all over, let me first say that my treatment was excellent, and the consultant and staff made me feel quite at home. Noisy neighbours were not an issue either, as I was given the whole wing all to myself, thus ensuring a good and peaceful nights sleep, as well as a quiet morning before the operation.

     What we had suspected was tooth decay, or more specifically tooth absorption, as indicated by my gums growing up over the base of two of my teeth, turned out on close examination to be ‘gingivitis’ caused by a build up of plaque.

     For those of you unfamiliar with this particular complaint, please rest easy that it has noting to do with turning into a ginger cat—or indeed any other colour cat, and happens to be just a small infection of the gums that was, in my case at least, caused by a build up of plaque. Alas what this does mean is that the The Tooth Fairy (who moonlights as Aunty Ellen from 15 and Meowing) will not need to visiting me this time.

     What this all does show, is that you can not be too careful about dental hygiene or in deed check ups, which get to pick up these things before they get too nasty. So, after a small scale and polish, I was sent back to my post-op recovery suite with nice shiny fangs and a mild case of wobbly legs. I had asked for fluids during surgery, so maybe there was not enough water with my Niptini?

Anyways, after a day at home resting, I was raring to get back to my usual high-speed—full-on routine. . . .  as can be seen with this weeks selfie. OK, say maybe it will take a bit longer to achieve maximum velocity, but I did nearly have some teeth out, so best never to rush these things 😉

Have you guys had a close shave with your consultants recently? I sure did and have two nice bald bits to prove it, MOL

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Katie Kat is still looking for her forever home. To see what she has been up to this week, do hop over to Savannah’s blog and see latest pictures and fun Memes that they have done.

Katie Kat is still looking for a new home and loving family.  If you know anyone that would like to give delightful Katie Kat (seen here in the picture below) a new home, then please DO contact Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, CA, USA at 925-279-2247. .  Katie is currently lodging with Ms Savvy till some kind soul can offer the safe and mature sensible and calm home home she needs…..

The links below will take you to more info about Katie. If you know of anyone who can care for dear Katie, and give her a home for life that she so dearly needs, please pass on her details and get them to contact the folks below, or contact Ms Savvy through her page…….

Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Savannah’s Paw Tracks Blog

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12 thoughts on “Hold on to your Teeth!

  1. Meow meow mee was worried fore you ERin Purrincess!! What a reeleef that you not need surgery an you has all yore teefiess an THE Gingyvitis can bee cured!!! A win-win rite???
    Love yore snoozy selfie…you earned a few xtra snoozes fore sure!
    Happy Meowy Day to Missus H too.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  2. I am glad you got to keep your teeth. If you ever do lose any though just let me know and you will get a present. Very nice selfie. XO

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