Come and Go…..

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And now here is my selfie for the week:-

     This week at the Palace has been all go— then all come!

     First the old washer gave up (not Mrs H, I hasten to add) and so all the ‘things’ were done by hand in the bathtub. Thankfully, the sherry fund stretched out to a new one, which when it arrived wouldn’t quite fit—but will do. Someone really ought to get their inches sorted from their centimetres, MOL

     Then the royal car went for a service and a few days later came back nice and clean and officially safe to be on the road—which is more than I can say for Mrs H, who really needs new glasses as it took three attempts to get the right car on the garage forecourt!

     Then my favourite armchair went, and almost immediately a new sofa appeared—in blue! “I asked for pink,”I protested to the delivery man who had just hauled it across three counties and up nine and three-quarter flights of stairs. “Alas being a family blog I can not repeat the rustic native tongue response, but needless to say he left pretty sharpish and with a flea in his ear— and maybe one on his cardigan too for good measure. Not that I have fleas, but I do have a stash of tame fleas for just such unruly guests, MOL

     And last but not least—oh no, definitely not least, was my royal personage who got yanked from a perfectly good stretch and yawn and dumped as I call it, or briskly placed as Mrs H calls it, and whisked off for my yearly check-up which we had forgotten about. Thankfully the extra pound (or two) I had put on in the festive—cream with everything—season has started to subside only two months after restarting my Orijen Fit and Trim kibble.

     On the down side this princess needs to see the dental consultant in three weeks to have two of her teeth removed! And there was me thinking flossing with mouse hair was the way to go! You live and learn I guess. So in a few weeks time I will be doing a review of the new east wing to my consultants practice, and rating the food and cuddle service and awarding Golden Mice awards accordingly 🙂

Have you guys been having a come and go sort of week? If so, do tell us about the adventures, what went and what came. I’m guessing the weather will figure heavily in those too 😉

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And Finally, but not least…………….

    To see what Katie Kat has been up to this week, do hop over to Savannah’s blog and see latest pictures and fun Memes that they have done.

Katie Kat is still looking for a new home and loving family.  If you know anyone that would like to give delightful Katie Kat (seen here in the picture below) a new home, then please DO contact Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, CA, USA at 925-279-2247. .  Katie is currently lodging with Ms Savvy till some kind soul can offer the safe and mature sensible and calm home home she needs…..

The links below will take you to more info about Katie. If you know of anyone who can care for dear Katie, and give her a home for life that she so dearly needs, please pass on her details and get them to contact the folks below, or contact Ms Savvy through her page…….

Community Concern For Cats

Contra Costa Humane Society

Savannah’s Paw Tracks Blog

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8 thoughts on “Come and Go…..

  1. Meow meow ERin Purrincess yore selfie iss gorgeeuss! Yore so beeuteefull…..
    An you sure had a furry busy week! Maybee yore sofa iss ‘royalle’ blue bee-cause YOU are a Purrincess! Just a thott.
    An you put a flea on THE deeliveree guy iss too funny!
    Butt not funny iss yore dental surgery….EEEKKKK! Mee iss sendin you POTP an xtra ***purrsss*** an a purrayer fore a quik surgery an an ree-covurry.
    Yore frend, BellaDharma =^,,^=

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes I was so shocked by it going. Apparently though it is in an attic just in case we move and get a visitor that wants to sit down 😉


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