A Photo Bomb?

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And now here is my selfie for the week:-

      This week I have been trying out a few swimming strokes. Well this one isn’t exactly a stroke, more a bomb, MOL

Anyways, important things to remember are to curl oneself up when you jump into the water–or as in this instance, jump onto the duvet. This is way more important for humans so they don’t get their gangly limbs damaged. Another thing I do recommend is to keep a firm hold of ones nose, to save the ingress of water. In my case, I have to watch out for feathers after a rather unfortunate incident involving a feather duvet, and a hitherto unseen ripped seam. Needless to say feathers up the nose play havoc on the nostril, not to mention the housekeepers mood for the rest of the day!

How do you all like to take the plunge when it comes to activities be they sleeping or household fun and games?

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5 thoughts on “A Photo Bomb?

  1. Oh Erin, I know this pose well. I use it when I’m really cool to keep warm. In the summer I practice my diving techniques. You’re so right this diving technique is called, “The Bomb.” A “Spinning Bomb is when you start flipping over and over before you hit the water. Hitting the water can hurt…..this is why I don’t do The Bomb very often.



  2. As always ERin, you look gawjus. We have a feather blanket and we just luv it. Me likes to nestle me’s nose in it and make biskits. MOL Mommy bought it after she saw me doin’ that to a vistors down jacket. Me’s not sure Raena cares one way or the other. But, you’re right, mommy hates it when feathers escape. She says it’s money floatin’ thru the air. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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