A Valentine for Val

Hi, as this is Valentines Day, and Valentine (of Noir Kitty Mews) and I are bestest pals and in romantic entanglements, which has nothing to do with the balls of wool Mrs H keeps leaving here there and everywhere, I am joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop to celebrate how wonderful it is to have a boyfriend such as he. Ahh, if only he could move here . . .

Here is my message to my sweetheart:

To my dearest Valentine

Our love is like a rose so, so sweet,
and though ne’er shall our noses meet,
thy sweet musk effuses each picture you send
and, yes, drives me passionately round the bend.

So as a new year passes and this day dawns,
I do profess that I now don’t mourn
as each year day and minute we spend together
outshines the very worst of years past weather,
and erases pain of my years alone on the street–
fearing each and all I would meet.

Each future moment is now special with you by my side
be it a photo, or the fur in my locket–safely tied.
Or the blanket–your gift infused with thy distant kisses–
that brings me thy love and dearest wishes
when on my side my dreams it embraces
and makes whiskers twitch as my heart, it races.

So, my love–my prince–my knight in black fur,
my heart beats with hope and my lips they do purr,
that from across the waves thy will come,
to whisk me away to some tropical fun.
Or maybe we’ll just sit by my fire–
sharing our tales until we do tire.

But even if my dreams come to nothing,
there is a place by my fire and two bowls for the filling.
Just knock on my door, and let yourself in
so we’ll be together, and an adventure begin.

To the darling love of my life, come to me when you can,
be it in mind, body, or soul; for love has no boundaries except those we choose.

Your forever Tuxie Princess



I wish all my pals a Happy Valentine’s Day!

May your hearts always overflow with the love of our fellow friends and neighbours, as that is truly what makes the world go around. . . .  Personally I think the world is flat–saucer shaped, and full of cream . . . but that’s an adventure for another day. MOL

PS. Valentine is spoken for, and whilst the day is named after him he is not available for appearances . . .  unless by prior arrangement with cash up front, though white mice preferred. All major credit cards accepted; cheques must be made payable to Erin and Val’s honeymoon and holiday getaway fund.


26 thoughts on “A Valentine for Val

  1. That's a beautiful Valentine for Valentine, you two are so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  2. Oh dearest, you have me speachless — mewing silent mews. You are always the eloquent writer — you put words together so be-au-ti-fully, just as beauty is personified in you. May Captain Valentino and Captain Erin's luv be as vast as the sea and they're beating hearts sound through time. As for you and I, may we have a real-life journey together as forever sweethearts and as furr-iends across the miles. I luv you, Tuxie dove.-Valentine (& Kerry) of Noir kitty Mews


  3. Aww, my sweet and floofy prince of heart. Ne'er has dlack been so much the colour of love and passion and adventure.You are my Zorro and Captain Jack combined.Purrs and romantic smooches (but not in front of the kids) ERin


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