Duvet Expert for Hire . . .

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And now here is my selfie for the week:-


     With storm ‘Erik’ rumbling and battering the UK this week, I rather thought it was time to lay back and let the world blow by–excuse the pun.  So without further encouragement from Mrs H, I took to my bed and enjoyed a good roll on my current pink duvet, purchased from Tesco (in two tone pink) just to make sure I got my monies worth before this one hit the laundry tub.

As some quick thinking folk may have noticed, I do love checking out duvets. So with that in mind I have come up with this great idea to legitimately earn some extra and much needed funds for the palace, AND get to nap on the job: Duvet testing; specifically duvet covers.

So, if theres any purveyors of fine duvet and duvet covers out there, be they




or any other fine retail outlets, that wish to be featured on the blog with yours truly, please email me ASAP to book a slot on my bed.


Call my toll free number at the palace. PLEASE NOTE: A small connection fee applies as I have to pay the gardener. If you wondering what the gardener has to do with duvets– well, as Mrs H will have to answer the millions of calls that I am anticipating for this excellent service, I have to get the dairy-maid to cover for Mrs H. The dairy-maid’s job will be covered by the scullery-maid who will be covered in turn by the girl from the village that cleans my brass mousetraps. And her work will be covered by the paper delivery girl, whose round will be covered by the gardener. As he gets paid the least of all of them, it does seem like a good deal . . .  unless I can get Mrs H to cover him?  What do you think?

Anyway, next week I will be sporting a nice matching pillow and duvet combo in pale pink and white, brought to you by IKEA bedding. You can find the link to my duvet set clicking HERE.

 What will you guys be testing next week? 

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Author: Erin, the Literary Cat.

I'm an ND, neurodivergent, Middle Grade fiction writer and book blogger. Erin also happens to be my feline companion, who loves nothing more than to wile away her time listening to all the stories I read to her. Together, we share our own adventures, and those of our fellow Middle Grade writers who enlighten the lives of young, and older, everywhere!

37 thoughts on “Duvet Expert for Hire . . .”

  1. Erik.They called a storm Erik? REALLY :-)*eyeroll* You have a great job testing duvet covers. I look forward to the pink floral blog post :-)KEEP WARM!!!!


  2. That's a real sweet selfie ! You look like a sister of Rosie ! I think we inherited your bad weather now, it's awfully windy and it rains ! Finally we are only separated by the channel !


  3. Oh Green eyed beauty, I luv that your papa buys you comfy pink linens to rest your sweet self on. Pink is always so YOU. I should think that Harrods and Selfridges would send you free purr-duct to test, 'cause the stamp of approval from Erin the Cat Princess would make there sales go up. Maybe you could be the face of their fashion and linens department in addition to the pet luxuries department. You could have your own exclusive line of purr-oducts, too! I can see it all now! Kisses to my lil' Tuxie entrepreneur! Your Prince, V (& Kerry) of Noir Kitty Mews


  4. We laughed when we heard the storm that was approaching was called Erik. Sometimes our Eric would play THoE and he sounded just like a storm raging outside.That is a lovely selfie and pink is definitely your colour. That is a very tempting tum you have there. Do you permit snorgles?


  5. You are so adorable Erin. And of course, you look just gawjus on your pink duvet. We think that’s a great way to make extra green papers. Good luck. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m testing Grandpaw’s clothes right now, Purrincess. He likes to have me close when he’s at work..MOL😸 I was in Awwww when I saw your Selfie, you look so sweet and tiny ❤ That Jättevallmo duvet is beautiful, is that for hire too..MOL 😀 😺Pawkisses for a wonderful day🐾😽💞

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ERin; wavez two ewe gorgeouz frum de land oh trout… wear we will bee testin de food gurlz patiencez…. coz her schedulez a bit funkee thiz week…. N we will bee eye rate…. due ta de change in R roo teen ~ 🙂 ♥♥


  8. Erin, that is a purrfect selfie fur sure and we think mew should hire your services out to all the to duvet manufactures in the UK! MOL XOX


  9. Oooh now being in print would be a great idea, thanks. Making the glossy magazines and on everyones coffee table has been a long held ambition of mine. Being on everyones bed is another, though not as easily achieved when you just have a bicycle as transport, MOLPurrsERin


  10. Hmm, maybe not the best testing to do then, but I just say that it is all good practice for the staff and they sould appreciate the development opportunity . . . even at 2 am, MOLERin


  11. Yes, all duvets considered, just so long as they meet my high standards, of a) being free, b) being a nice shade, and c) being extra comfy. Not necessarily in that order. PurrsERin


  12. Erin, your adorable belly would have me using my grabby hands to touch it! Manny has a large white spot of fur, that is a magnet for me. It's irresistible!


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