Somnambulating to work . . .

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And now here is my selfie for the week:-

     There are some days when life at the forefront of blogging, and palace management, gets to you, and you just have to take 99 winks and then carry on. But there are other days you just can’t stop, not even for lunch, and for those I have developed this pose, a sort of somnambulatory pose which allows the user to rest ones weary head and to carry on.

     All you have to do is rest your head on an outstretched limb, any one, or for that matter anyone’s will do, and then carry on. The only real must-have for the limb is that it is nice and soft. Naturally it does help if you know the individual concerned before you get up close and personal, but once you do then you are all set to carry on working, or working at napping, MOL

     What do you guys do to help get yourselves through the worst bits of your weekly grind?

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27 thoughts on “Somnambulating to work . . .

  1. Well we do share the pet cam thing now, so maybe a few secrets have been shared subliminally, but I really couldn't say for sure as I was asleep MOLToodle pipsERin


  2. Beautiful pose! That's one that Athena does pretty well too, and one that I'm learning to develop as well, though of course as a human I can never look that adorable :)Purrs xxAthena and Marie


  3. Thank you. I sure am cozy, as well as working up a new adventure, too 🙂 But I still have to get the old one sorted which is what keeps me busy day and night.Toodle pips and purrsERin


  4. You are too cute, dearest. I just want to give you a big smooch right on your lil' nose. To get through my weekly grind, I of course think of you. I also stretch out on my table and take a snooze once my furrs are warmed up by the heater. Tee hee hee.Luv from Your Prince V (Valentine & Kerry) of Noir Kitty Mews


  5. Well, if it is for a smooch from yourself, my sweet, I will make sure I m refreshed and ready for your visit. Then maybe we can both have a fireside snooze to catch up on life and warm our whiskers ;)Toodle pips and smooches to my warm Prince of Portland . . . ERinXOX


  6. You should see Mason sleeping. She'll rest her head on anything, and by anything, I mean ANYTHING. Doesn't even have to be soft. Can you believe it? FACT. My gosh, I've even seen he sleepin' with her head on the edge of a plastic tray that the peeps went and left on the couch. MOUSES!


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