Sunday Selfies at Woodside, with Eddie!

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Here are this week’s selfies, which come from my alma mater, Woodside Animal Centre, in Leicester, UK.

Woodside is an independent animal centre, and is supported solely by love, hard work, charitable donations and fundraising. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here today telling you this….

So without further ado, please give a big Sunday Selfies welcome to this weeks guest, EDDIE!

“Hi everyone! My name is Eddie and I am a rather special 5 year old boy.

Maybe you have noticed something about me already, besides my dazzling eyes that is.

No? Well I have only one front leg! Yup, when I arrived at here at Woodside I had an injured front leg. But it couldn’t be saved so it had to go.

As a cat I am really pragmatic about these things, and the great thing is of course that I’m still an awesome guy with tons of love to give, and I can get around fine.

I do like to get to know folks before I give out all my love, but then that’s true for most cats who come to be at animal centres. But the folks here say that I love fuss and attention, and do you know what…. I do!

The next best thing to that is exploring and playing with my cat scratcher and cat tree here at the centre.

When Erin and Mrs Hudson came to visit, I have to say that I didn’t know about selfies, or easies.

But seems like it’s as easy as One–Two–Three, pardon the pun. All you need to do, with a little help from your friends, is set this little camera somewhere safe, click the timer, and pose. Saying cream is optional, MOL

First I tried the sultry look, but that really isn’t me….

Then I thought I should go for the nonchalant, casual guy look– after all, I am a casual sort of guy.

But you know what, I think the good old fashioned handsome happy mancat look is the one for me.

What do you think, did I do OK?”

To adopt Eddie, please visit or contact Woodside Animal Centre on UK tel. no. 01162 33 66 77  or email    A link to Woodside can be found, HERE.

Eddie’s adoption fee (£70) covers his microchip, the snip, and all his injections and treatments at Woodside. He will want to be the sole cat, and be with older children.

All he needs now is a special home to make this special boy feel loved….

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Chapter 30 of our world exclusive and stupendous fun story is published tomorrow, Monday! Do please come back to enjoy the fun!

44 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies at Woodside, with Eddie!

  1. Erin…Eddie is most handsome. It is a good thing that Woodside is half a world away. Mom LOVES Tuxies! I WILL be back tomorrow! PurrsMarvPS I missed your smiling face


  2. Bless you. I think he has many admirers but to date no UK takers. Time will out and he'll get that special home.PurrsERinPS my little face will be here very soon 😉


  3. Yes, it will be wonderful if it happens this week! Heres hoping his global audience and love brings him the luck and family he needs.PurrsERin


  4. dood….we like de handsum look… N ya for sure iz most handsum in allyur fotoz….we send de best oh flounder N friez that ya find.. N iz INyur for everz….. bye weekz end ~~~ ♥♥♥


  5. Thank you, we do too. He is a kind loving guy once he gets to know his guests and just needs others to view him as the great guy he is.PurrsERin


  6. Thank you, we hopes all the good wishes bring good luck too, and that special kind loving home that sees past the one leg thats gone and sees his 100% charm and love. PurrsERin


  7. Oh Princess, that Eddie looks like a nice young chap. He must've had a terrible ordeal before he came to the center to have to then loose his paw. But he seems like a resourceful type and is sure to not be hindered by having only three. You did a nice thing by sharing pics and his thoughts. I bet he finds a forever home real soon. Paw Kisses. Your Prince, Valentino (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews


  8. Oh, Eddie, your casual look made us smile from ear to ear. You are amazing, cute and handsome and with so much Selfie skills, we hope you find a furrever home soon. Good Luck Pawkisses are on your way💗💗💗Erin, my furriend, we have to catch up two chapters as we didn't had time…no, I did, but Granny not, so we come back tomorrow to read them. I put it on the first place of the purriority list, so we'll be back! Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💗


  9. Hi, Binky! Eddie is a cool dude and no mistake, a natural almost who is putting his one and only best foot forwards and deserves that loving home. Heres hoping you'll enjoy the new chapters together back to back, and only 6 more to go, too!Toodle pips and adoption purrsERin


  10. Thank you, from Eddie and I. He really is a nice guy, and the loss is behind him now and he is getting on with his life and just needs a family to share his love with, and to see past his looks into his heart.Pawkisses to you my floofi wooly bearERinXOX


  11. Erin, Eddie is astounding and we'll be purraying extra hard that he gets the best furever home effur!!!And although he is a tripaw, just look at Smooch, he has thrived offur the years since his accident and we just know Eddie the Eagle will be the same #tripawsrule so says Smooch! MOLBestest purrsThe B Team xox


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