Now if you recall in my last post “WHAT!”  we at the palace were about to besieged by explosions, fireworks and bonfires in celebration of the NOT blowing up of parliament.

Well let me tell you that it was a close call for sure, but it rained and rained and that seemed to have done the job of dampening the ardour of those pesky peeps who sought to pollute and scare the wits out of peep and I. There were a few hairy moments when I needed to follow peep under the bed, just to make sure things were OK, and also insist I be fed treats and be cuddled, just to reassure me, if you know what I mean. But we came through it with our hearts still beating and our sanity intact, well until next year anyways. purrs

Don’t let on, but I suspect that all this rain was for the good as peeps experimentation in the labs to make a fog from the pea and potato soup to blanket out the whole sky and stop things going ahead was less than productive. Hmm, in fact its safe to say that there was more pollution inside the palace than out. Mouses!

Now it wasn’t long after a series of articles and revelations in the newspapers about certain make of polluting cars that weren’t, or were dependant on whether you were looking at them or not, that I read a wonderful blog post called “A Blog Blast for Peace” by our good friend Savannah, (you can see it at via this link:- ) and it struck a chord and got me looking at things about the environment and our own and others credentials.

It seems only right therefore my dear friends that, in the spirit of full disclosure (not that I imbibe you understand, well not unless its cream and nip liqueur), that I must declare that “I’m polluting the environment!”

Well that said, I better qualify that I, Erin the Cat (Princess), part time algorithmist, surveyor of holes, sun puddles, and fine electric can openers, am not personally polluting anything, no ma’am.

I am not, unlike certain cars, running around the globe causing asthma and ozone holes in the atmosphere (dependent of course on whether you happen to be looking at them or not at the time), and I definitely try never to leave anything behind that’s polluting or isn’t natural.

In fact I can definitely say there is never anything left behind in the nature of cream, cheese, or nip though there may be the odd feather, but I’m collecting those to make a new pillow, for peep you understand, as a sort of Christmas present. Though at this rate that won’t be this year or even next, hmm maybe I’ll have to sleep on this idea for a bit longer.

Peep on the other hand has been guilty of pollution, well noise pollution anyway what with his snoring, and there is a fair degree of bad humming going on in the palace, oh yes, but to his credit it is nothing as bad as some of that ‘grunge’ music the young peeps seem to like. Mouses

No, what I actually meant was that the ‘Palace’ does emit some fumes, excluding peeps cooking, from the solid fuel wood burns that we have. Now looking around at the accounts I was pleased to see that all the wood is bought from sustainable sources or is given to us for free to save it being destroyed or just dumped. Of all the fuels out there peep says that the wood is best, and if used sensibly makes the Palace a carbon neutral zone for sure, sort of like Switzerland what with neither of us having an army and all.

Anyways, as to those polluting cars, it seems those peeps at the EU in their wisdom have decided that rather than stop these diesel cars polluting and make them abide by the law, they’re going to let them carry on polluting and in fact lower the bar so they can actually pollute the same if not more. Mouses!

Of course this is maybe one of those unfortunate clerical mistakes that politicians seem fated to make, and when they said lower the bar they were actually thinking of the limbo and making it harder and not the high jump which would be making it easier. Easy mistake to make what with language difficulties and all, heck all those hired translator peeps are bound to get it wrong if their translators are like mine on the laptop. purrs

Anyways this Princess wont be driving any diesel cars that’s for sure, in fact this princess hasn’t a licence, but with a chauffeur I don’t really need one. And as I say to my peep “walking is good for your soul, your heart, and your mind”, and if we get that new carrier, it will be good for his arms and legs too, less strenuous when he walks me to see the nice doctor lady.

Of course if my peep gets tired he could always get a dog to drive me. Yep it seems that some peeps are now planning on training dogs to fly. Well not them to fly as as such as that would be impossible given their lack of feathers, but rather teach them to pilot planes!

Yes its true, as true as flying squirrels and just as nutty, I can confirm that it made the papers this week that one enterprising TV company is doing a reality show where they’re teaching dogs to fly real planes, to prove not only their memory but their reasoning abilities.

Now if anyone is finding the thought of a Labrador or a small wire haired terrier wandering down the aisle of their 747 with flight suit on a bit of a concern, DON’T worry as those TV peeps have confirmed that these dogs are being taught to drive cars first, in circles! Mouses

OK, yes I AM very worried, not that I will be flying anywhere very soon, but even I can see some paws… oops, sorry some flaws in this plan. In fact paws would be one of them flaws, what with not having opposable thumbs to make those all important tweaks to the important bits and pieces them pilots have to twiddle, not to mention the intercom announcements. purrs

Then of course what if there were some problems, would they be able cope? not to mention there aren’t any trees up there in the sky if they were caught short. And what if some wild fowl went past, some of those guys aren’t opposed to chasing the odd bird and your flight could end up flying South for the winter rather than North for that skiing holiday in Canada. Mouses!

Now don’t get me wrong, credit where its due, our canine pals are fantastic, they’re truly brilliant in all walks and spheres of life where they assist humans. And whether it be working or as companions, they can be true heroes, and their services aren’t to be sniffed at, no ma’am. OK, yes at times we do sniff at them because of what they roll in but that’s a dog thing to roll in stuff and leave mud everywhere, and smell for sure, and a cats thing to sniff at them and go Ewww! Mouses!

And of course I must add that they can be a cats best friend too, so long as they’ve had a bath and keep to their side of the floor, not on the bed, sofa or in our fav. sun puddles. purrs

No I just think all this flying malarkey is for the birds, and peep pilots. Oh and whales of course, mustn’t forget them, though I don’t know how they fit in those cockpits, and it must be mighty wet, unless of course it was a sea plane… What’s that peep, Pilot whales DON’T fly, they swim! Well I never, who knew? maybe I should report this to the FAA, CAA, FBI and Scotland Yard!

Anyways, as I said, this Princess is trying her best to reduce the impact on the environment, save money, and have enough change for nip and cream. Not easy some may say, and you would be right, and also surprisingly wrong…

What is difficult is changing habits. But after all habits are, well, just habits, something we just do because we have always done or because parents have always done. Habits are things where we’ve never really stopped to think of options as we are told that either there aren’t any or they are inferior. Habits like smoking can and are way too bad for peeps and those round about, but it isn’t those obvious ones that we need to change, but the less obvious such as are others such as high sugar and salt not to mention wasting food.

One big habit peeps have got into is overeating, I can only assume because they equate eating lots with having good health and well being and showing off. Alas this is just a habit that those cunning advertising peeps have gotten you to believe is the way to be, when in fact its just not true.

In simple truth if you eat less but eat wholesome home made food using good ingredients, slow food as I call it, (not those mice as they can be devilishly quick) and in a balanced way, you actually wont need as much to eat or need to eat that bad sugary high fat and salt food.

Now if peeps all did that those that make food would need to make better food as peeps would demand it for everyone, and wouldn’t be brainwashed into accepting poor quality foods that cause diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperactivity in kids because that is what they want you to have.

Also if they make better food so the burden on agriculture lessens and the impact on the environment falls and peeps emotional and physical well being improves as does that of the planet.

Checking on peeps dress size one day as I lay… Er,,, near it, I noted that the waistline was, how can I put it delicately? in the ascendant maybe? nope, OK no easy way here but to say that, in the interest of full disclosure, which there was starting around the tummy, peeps was into realms of getting FAT! Mouses

OK now that’s out in the open like the Palace pollution, I can say we have started peep on an immediate dietitian assisted diet. We’ve lowered nay stopped the carb and sugar (pizza and wine) intake and upped the greens and exercise so there is more jogging to the shops for comestibles such as cream and treats, thereby saving money on fuel and calories on the waistline and thus money on new clothes. Net result is peep is actually happy and I’m content in a good job done and those treats well deserved.

Now as to changes of habit, if all that sounded way too hard a process to manage, let me say that the EASY bit is actually in the doing of it. Making a change from one product, say high in sugar or salt or that pollutes more, to another that is low in sugar and salt or pollutes less is EASY, just pick it up.

If your not sure of credentials there are no doubt Internet sites to tell peeps all they need to know, especially if manufacturers cant be trusted to tell the truth, as though they wouldn’t though, huh.

Anyways I suppose the whole thing about whether the peep race survives with this planet, and you wont survive without it, is if peeps force the change. Companies and governments wont change unless they have to, and as sure as sugar is sweet and profitable they wont make changes on their own, so its down to peeps asking and voting for change, nay demanding change and voting with pen and feet (rather than polluting diesel cars, that aren’t or are) that will make it will happen.

Cynics amongst you may well scoff and say that this degree of change isn’t possible. OK I will leave you with an article I slept on last week which, if you’ll forgive a seeming contradiction “opened my eyes”, follow the link to see how one peep, the Mayor of Oklahoma made it all happen

Now all that said, and in the interests of full disclosure and the environment, I can say that I will be sending peep for a healthy run later for cream, followed by a short shower and a bowl of salad, possibly at the same time!

I in the meantime will be keeping my finger on the pulse of public opinion, pondering electric tin openers eco credentials and monitoring the elasticity of wool duvets and their effect on global and localized warming. purrs