The Fast and Furry(est)

Now my peep has been away from home for a while helping make plans for the funeral for his dearly departed father, which has left me in charge of not only the estate but also the palace and staff. Well, in truth with peeps away the staff are a bit thin on the ground (as well as in the hair department), but it’s the thought that counts and I can still order him around, just not at this time, sort of stack things up till he gets back, bit like the washing up.

   Now it seems these funeral things take a bit of sorting out. You need to invite all those that want to come and those that should come and those who may have known the deceased and those that did know. Also you have to arrange for flowers, pictures and the like and even gifts for those that attend the cemetery. There’s also music and prayers to be sorted and the best peeps speech, sorry no that’s not right, a speech by a best peep, for sure, about the dearly departed’s life, work and family. After that there is where to hold a meal as a sort of send off do and then the whole menu thing starts and caterers….phew… I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

To top it off it seems like it all this has to be done and dusted within a set period of minutes too, so the next family can come in and have there turn and service. Who’d have ever thought it would be so stressful and there would be a queue to go to heaven, and time slots and the like. I wonder if they take advance bookings?

Now I’m told once you die your estate gets passed on to your family, but before it does, the government comes along and checks to see if you have too much, and if you do, takes some of it for themselves, without so much of a by your leave. Heck whatever next, will they be after our cream supply or the knitted nip pillows and mice. Mouses!

You know apparently if you put all your property into trust then it sort of bypasses the grasp of the government and goes to whoever your trust wants it to go to. Now all of that supposes that you trust anyone enough to leave them with your nip and cream supply, and if you did, would they necessarily want it especially after it had been in trust for more than a few weeks. Not even the best fridge will keep cream that long, a mouse maybe but not cream. Not even extra thick or double cream or even that long life cream could stand the test of time to that degree and could end up with more fur than the mouse! OK, I got to admit that maybe the nip could last, but we all know there is nothing better than a fresh stash of nip, straight from the plant and/or freshly dried is best…ahhh…………………..

****Please, if you will, imagine a short passage of time……. 3 days later!****

   Ooops! sorry got a bit carried away there, one reverie lead to another thing and that furry thing ran so very fast I near ran off the estate. You know it doesn’t go down well that, treading on other princesses grounds, no ma’am, no matter the time and especially if on the hunt. Then what with napping time and peep coming home I’ve sort of been busy again in the palace checking out boxes and bags that have once more arrived. Heck, pretty much all the floor space has gone again, bar of course for my area, nothing goes there, but it is starting to look a bit besieged by them boxes for sure.

They’re boxes of memories peep says, memories of a distant time and place, those of his brothers, sisters and parents and their homestead. The funeral has come and gone and now there is but silence to fill the void for those that remain. But from the contents of those boxes it is hoped the sounds of memories will fill the air and their lives once more, and raise a smile, or bring a tear to help heal the wounded heart and mind and soul.

   Peep must move on, and I shall help him and my blog friends are helping him, and so together we must drive a path through those thickets of future dread and present woe and past regret that have suddenly appeared. Seems all these things come and stand in the way of coming to terms with loss and moving on. Moving on to see the light and green fields of pastures new, which is truly what those that have gone would wish us to do.

I do think the best start will be to get things organised, so I’ve ordered a new bookcase for peep, 7 peep feet (or 84 cat paws) high and a good 3 feet wide so he can put a lot of his new things in a place to see and touch, but not always so much on show as to be a constant hurt. I did manage to get one that was raised off the ground, important that when it comes to recovering stray guests and also to get the vacuum under. Not that I do such things myself of course, but there’s nothing worse than a fast and a furious chase under a book case and coming out looking furrier than you’d gone in. Mouses!

Well every journey worth travelling needs a hearty meal (or more it seems) to help it along, so I rather thought I would do some cooking to help out, rustle up a special for us both. Alas peep has been intent on eating fast food of his own, pizza and chips. Not together mind, heavens no, but just about every day this week. At one point I swear I even saw a pizza slide under the bed. OK to be fair it was dark at the time and NO I hadn’t been at the cheese though I had had some nip and a mouse round that evening but still, who’d have thought it?

Well I did, at least for a bit until I did a recon in my emergency larder (which is also under the bed) and found it was just the supermarket pizza packaging peep had been reading that evening in bed. He’s been doing a lot of that, comfort eating in bed, the kittipedia says its eating as a distraction to other things, problems and stress. Hmm, if he persists he’ll get so fat he’ll get stressed and be comfort eating to forget about being so fat from comfort eating, and then where will he be? Stuck in bed comfort eating for sure!

   Well this all got me thinking, what if peeps fast food was just that, and came with legs and arms and they had to chase it around? Heck, I reckon them peeps would either get fit or starve, and the supermarkets would be in chaos with tins and packets scurrying, leaping and flying everywhere. You’d have to go shopping with nets, and of course you’d probably end up with products ganging together to defend themselves and being attacked by tins of baked beans and plastic trays of curries. Mind you those can get you in other ways later on too, least ways that was peeps excuse. Mouses!

There is a lot to be said for simple good honest food. Home made, home grown is best, additive free, and naturally low sugar and fat, except of course for cheese and cream, they need to be cheesy and creamy to be themselves and nice and yummy….ahhh……….

Ooops, nearly drifted off again. Now where was I, ah yes…. There’s a lot to said about the natural life, and I don’t mean naturism oh no, far too embarrassing that. No, I mean simple foods, simple ways of living with less gadgets and chemicals in the home. Increased activity would bring increased purpose and satisfaction, as well as health and thus happiness which in turn leads to less illness and disease and more peace in society and the world harmony.

Hmm, OK maybe changing the world is too big a leap from pizza and chips so maybe I can get peep onto mice, that would be a good start to things natural, plain and simple fare. No on second thoughts best not, I’d be forever going shopping and that would ruin my quality nap time. What I think we’ll start with is getting some exercise, chasing mice is good, tones the muscles and builds character and stamina. I will supervise of course, a trainer needs a proven track record and a certain flare for teaching, and rest assured if he catches any I will there to help sort the necessary post training debrief and support. After all, its not going to be often I’ll get my tea caught for me. purrs