A young friend died suddenly last Sunday, she was ill it is true, but deserved more time, more of a chance at life. But through her mothers love she had been given a chance and more hope and life than many others would have. She died in her mothers arms, not alone in a wet grim alley, not in a cold loveless kill shelter, but with a friendly face, a mothers face, a hug and kind words.  We met a couple of months ago and kept in touch, “not much time” some have said, “not a true friendship” others; “why the upset? why the bother?” the cold and callous, who measure love by gain, would say. But she had reach out to me with her smile and she touched my heart, truly touched my heart and we became friends there and then, it was in her eyes, kindness and truth and innocence. How could we not be friends?

I was adopted by my peep some months after I was saved with my kittens, and many weeks after my kittens had found, I hope, loving families. It is true that black and Tux cats have a harder job finding forever homes than other colours. Peeps would come and stare and comment, not just on my ears but my colour and some would glance, see black and walk on by. Until my adoption the concept of “friends” was never one I had considered, there was only ever my mama and us kittens.

My peep is not my mama I know, as mama raised me to a good age (and she does have the better looks), so he must I figure be a friend, a very best peep friend for sure, as he took me in when no other would. I wouldn’t want to call my peep “father” as although my father gave me life, cat fathers seldom stick around, and my peep is better than that! So for me he’s my best peep friend! In return I bring many gifts of mice, birds, butterflies and rabbits and yes, I almost forgot, one frog, all alive, alive-oh! I do bring him also my love and companionship, and strength when he cries or has been hurt by others. If this is friendship then I am his friend and he is mine too. The kind peeps that cared for my ears and my kittens are also now friends but I’m really not sure about the Dr chap I’ve been to see, never a treat or a mouse to be had! I hasten to add that there are clearly many peep mothers and fathers out there who rescue young kittens and cats who are too young to yet know their mother has been destroyed or is lost, or who are as yet unversed in the ways and dangers of life. And on these great peeps these dear young lives come to depend and love, and then friendship becomes family.


Looking through the Internet at society, at life and the care and love for others, and us cats in particular, I found many things that disturbed me. It seems that the care of cats, those who have lost their peeps to illness, the abandoned, the lonely, the sick and the dying, whether as a mother figure or as a friend, is frowned upon by some peeps. And yet it is such a basic and overwhelmingly good instinct, to care for another. It seems all too often peeps turn their heads from the tragedies of life, and not just for us cats, or trivialise our lives as too small or the collateral damage of society. Other times peeps are too scared to look for fear that what they may see will upset or repulse them so.  Even though it is a life they see, and it is living and is screaming for help, they look away.

Further, some peeps chastise those that care, deride their services, their humanity their loyalty and unswerving desire to care, sometimes to the detriment of themselves to help those that cant help themselves or need just friendship and a helping hand. And yes also even criticise those same folk as wasting their time and love and resources, offering to replace old life with new as a cheap and easy alternative. But I say, as a mother, what else can a carer a friend or a mother do for her charge than give their all. It is a bond as between a mother and new born peep, a patient and nurse, impossible to deny or to rent asunder. I ask myself, how many seek and find comfort or find help when they most need? and how many poor kittens and cats cries fall on empty stares half turned faces or closed ears.

Would same such peeps as deride others therefore do nothing and discard the sick and needy of their own kind, or would they stand up and ask for help and fight for life and the chance to live? Peeps have the old name “hupokrites” for those that are so. Peeps have names for all folk, no matter the creed colour or religion there is always a name to pin to everyone, the good and caring included, who swim against the tidy of public apathy and ignorance and misunderstanding to educate and save.

Some wise peep said words are cheap, and it seems that is true. Pledges of help are bartered in political arenas, in elections and forgotten when the time comes to make good. But these cheap words cost us cats,  our friends, carers and mothers dear, they can crush some poor peeps acts of kindness, or dash hopes of salvation or kill countless innocent lives. I even saw that an elderly peep had been prosecuted for helping us, when truly had they not helped there would have been no hope at all. Hope therefore seems to have little value to some in a world of peep commodities stocks and shares.

For sure, things are more black and white in nature, and not just as I’m a Tux, but when on the streets in town or city or living in the country, we cats live by our wits our skill and reserve. Years can be kind and years can be hard and there is always a price to be paid. Cities and towns present a lot of risks for us cats, but I’m sure most of you know this already and you will be mothers and fathers too, I’m sure, and will understand. Many peeps do not want to see or don’t see the balance in society, between societies of cats and peeps, between all species. They don’t see the friends in nature that they have, only vermin, pests, nuisances and expenditure. We become things to be trapped, poisoned, hunted and “euthanized” a euphemism for, well, we know what for.

When I first found Twitter, drawn I have to admit by the thought of sparrows, I was shocked that even where some peeps have brought us into the family fold as family, where as a child we learn, live play and contribute, there was such a lack of understanding and cold heartiness. We trust and love and fear like all life, and should we therefore not expect trust, honesty and love back? I look at the cats (and dogs) on Twitter and Facebook who daily are turned away from once loving families. Family members become family pets, become “family problems” or an “allergy” or just “no answer”, we become nothing!

Surely even we deserve more than silence?

I am so incredibly pleased to say that for every wrong there is a right and I found good enlightened peeps out there who are carers mothers and fathers to us cats. They give tirelessly and freely their time energies and love to help us all coexist, and don’t demand anything from us or cast us aside. They, like my friends mother, and the other good peeps and cat rescues and charities know the worth of life isn’t counted in a currency you can spend, but in a smile a purr, the odd mouse (or three), freedom and living. The help and advice these good, nay best peeps give, saves lives across the land across a globe of peeps.

Friendship is clearly more than a word, but the sum of actions, love, honesty and realism, some times said and others not, in good times and bad. Peeps should never underestimate the power of sharing and giving, for whilst a carer or a mother isn’t always there or seen, yet can be working tirelessly for the benefit of another without it being known.

   “Yes” I here some peeps say, “its all very well you saying all this and that, but your a cat with half ears, and the ways of peeps differ and are more important, and you wouldn’t understand….”. This is of course true, and I am after all myself, some would say, just a wayward stray. But I would reply that the strays of today may well be our future, our salvation, and oh how desolate a place the world would be without us.

Friendship is clearly more than a smile, that I can see, but the power of a simple smile can raise the darkest of days to the brightest and turn tears into laughter, and that surely is priceless….





In Memory of Charlotte, OTRB 4.19.2015 (and those that have gone before.) Her smile stays in our hearts and minds…..


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As a Rescued stray myself, I Thank You Again. Purrs

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  1. Erin these are some powerful words. You deserve a wide readership. Please stop by some of the blog hops to build your following. Also add a link so I can follow you. Keep up the excellent workf
    We helped with getting Rescued published. A great book fur sure

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    1. Thank you I am glad you liked. We write from the heart, sometimes better than others. I have so very little time to write and even less for extra for extras. I have tried to do a link for you but it isnt easy on this site, unless of course you know what you’re doing. purrs


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