Bring me Sunshine (and Bulbs?)

Now peep is a great one for saving elasticity….what? …oh…. sorry, electricity! though maybe as he doesn’t move much in an evening elasticity would be about right huh?

Anyways, what with global warming (not just in summer that you know) and the cost of electricity going up up up, peep thought it was high time we had some energy saving light bulbs. Not that peep uses much electricity, no ma’am, we’re all very responsible and only ever have on what peep needs, bar for my nightlight. Now Its not that I’m afraid of the dark, its more a self defence thing, I shall explain. The thing about being a TUX an’ all, bar my nice tuxy white bits, is that I’m basically all black especially from above. I stress that’s “all black” in color rather than burly New Zealand rugger player, cos I’m sure peep would have noticed that, me being a princess and all. Now the thing about the night, the main thing is that its pretty much black too. So when you put us together on a dark carpet I’m pretty much, well, invisible!

   Yep, it didn’t take long for me to realize that, prior to my adopting him, peep clearly never used to have lights on when he went to bed. He would just steer his way around the spiralling banister, and then a straight line hop skip and a jump onto the bed! Now, with yours truly having a propensity for slumbering within paws reach of my snacks placed on the landing, just so I can keep an eye on them in case of marauding mouses, I posed a hitherto unforeseen obstacle on that nightly traipse. I endured a couple of very close calls and 1 squidged tail at the hands of, or should that be the paws of a pair of size 6 novelty bunny slippers looming out the dark at me. Now that’s an image you don’t want to wake up to I can tell you! purrs

Anyhows, the only solution was to have a night-light over my food bowl which also gently illuminate the stairs. Ah I hear you say problem sorted! Alas no I say, as peep whilst missing the the hop skip across the landing still manages to jump onto the bed! I ask you, at his age! Anyways, if it carries on I can only assume its down to them slippers, being possessed with their bunny tendencies and all, and I’m seriously thinking about giving them some exercise out of doors as it were, or maybe being exorcised out of the house!

With installation of my light, which was called LED (after the Heavy Metal beat combo I guess, though it was exceptionally quiet) peep was spurred into trawling the Internet and comparing prices, Lumen’s & Watts. “Price” I can now understand the concept of, its what peep says he has to pay when I want something. When he needs something its called “necessity” and that apparently is dearer. As to what “Watts” are, (or in deed “Lumen’s”)  I’m just not sure.  Apparently and conveniently whatever Watts are, they were discovered by a man with a steam engine call Watt. That’s Watt the man not Watt the steam engine, what the steam engine was called I cant recall! All sounds like smoke and mirrors to me, but then I’m just a cat as you know. Purrs

Now peep is a great one for investigating stuff, and countless times he’s investigated stuff so long that whatever it was he’s been investigating has either sold out or gone out of manufacture. Wowser for sure! Not so clever you might say, in fact quite slipshod in manner of proceeding you could argue, and you wouldn’t be overly wrong, but for the fact that it saves peep money. Yep, he seems to have inherited from his forebears, them being Scottish an’ all and renown for being careful (euphemism for skinflints the English would say) a reflex, an innate ability by way of financial self defence to not buy things unless necessary, to filter all but the purest most needed items.

So it seemed with the light bulbs, as peep headed off up the freeway “up North” to investigate a particularly cheap supply of bulbs. Being the third time of going, and still no sign of a bulb I held little hope of there being anything this time. The previous two trips had however resulted in purchases but I doubt even Mr Watt and his steam train could get light out of a bedside table and an easy chair! well, not unless they burnt them! All in all the global warming thing was being stoked by all this investigating rather than diminished, what with all the petrol used to and fro and the electricity on my lap pot.

   Now as it happened, that day there was an eclipse, no not the usual peep standing in front of light eclipse but a solar eclipse, of the sun! Now by all accounts and from what I can gather from observation, it got darkish around about 12.30 UK time then got light again soon after, sort of akin to dusk and dawn. Whilst this was of little interest to yours truly, having an innate skill for knowing when its time to have a nap, it does seem to have entranced this nation, and folk were standing in the streets starin’ at the skies and lookin’ through cardboard boxes at the sun. Now, if any one tries to say cats sittin’ in a box is daft I shall remind them of this day for sure! Apparently civil servants across the land laid down their pens, abandoned their posts to stare agog at the sky, going ooh! and aah! Never mind Mrs Smith wanting her pension or Mr Jones his house purchase, no ma’am, these guys were in the office car parks like kindergarten children at playtime! Whatever next I wondered, snowball fights? playing conkers?

Fortunately peep was driving when this eclipse happened, and whilst he is quite attune with nature, (I assume that’s why he lets the greenfly co-exist with the snails) he isn’t one for frippery in the pursuit of light bulbs, and he made it “up North” and back without so much as an Ooh or an Aah. This time, to my delight, when he stomped in the door he had clasped in his hand a bag! Yep, peeps had splashed out! actually splashed out and bought some….oh!…. OK peep has bought ONE new light bulb. Oh well, why throw caution to the wind I say, or indeed break the habit of a lifetime?

Anyhows, akin to Mr Chamberlain brandishing that piece of paper, peep marched triumphantly around the house seeking the best place to put said singular and solitary light bulb. Should it be in the lounge, “no that wont do” he said, “get used too much!”. Now I gave up following him around and sat down on my fave chair (in fact peeps fave chair also and where he tweets from in an evening), and watched as various light shades were removed and refitted with said bulb inside, then switched on then off and the process repeated in  reverse as the bulb was removed.

Well, after half an hour of this peep returned and sat on my footstool and proclaimed that there was nowhere to use the thing anyway, and just as well he’d not bought two! I’d like to say at this juncture that it was shear inspiration, but it wasn’t, but as I was in need of a nap after peeps exertions, I got up from my chair stretched and jumped onto the floor, hitting the little foot operated switch for a reading light as I landed! Well the light spluttered and blinked into life and then duly was extinguished with a faint “ting” sound, ne’er to return or in deed to faint again!

Eureka moment for sure as peep pounced and proclaimed HE had a home for his bulb! I must say that the light is quick to come on but no real difference to that we had before, except for the cost. I reckon that it cost peep £25 or $46 Canadian or $37 US to get that bulb installed.

Now so far as I can tell, and I’ve been watching you know, its not grown at all. No ma’am, its not grown an inch or indeed the slightest hint of a green shoot. But maybe that’s because its a Low Energy bulb? well, lower energy than me, for sure! purrs