Canaries Pawprints & Paint

After my cheese & cream fuelled nightmare of a smokin’ and a flamin’ peep, I decided being under a dark bed probably wasn’t the best of places to spend a cheery and peaceful nights nap! Nothing else for it but to move on up and stake a claim for some of the bed!

As they say possession is eight ninths (& the front end of a mouse)of the law, I did what any self respecting Princess would do, I slept on it! Well to be more accurate I slept on everything that didn’t move, and some things that did like peeps tummy and toes! It didn’t take long before I’d got peep sorted out with his sleeping position, just so he didn’t squash or wake me when he got up to get my breakfast you understand. At the end of the week I had ended up owning the space under the bed (for mouse practise) the surface of the wool duvet for napping and the air space above for the jumping on and off of. Peep said that’s called a flying freehold, which is just as well as I cant afford to pay for it, no sir! Oh I also retained an option for under the duvet visits in case of localized global warming, or is it global cooling? make a note for Miss Description to check on that! Anyways peep gets the space beneath the duvet and mattress, a reasonable concession I thought, though he did rather seem to assume that this was his by rite!

Moving on up made me realize just how bad the decorating was above floor level. I’ve slept on enough home style & country living glossy magazines (two or three thick ones are particularly comfy on a cold winters night) to say that interior design and decorating is an art best left to those that have an eye for, erm, interiors design & decorating! Judging by the current scheme peeps was possibly color blind and/or had entered some sort of expressionist period as yet to be discovered, and believe me undiscovered is where it should stay! purrs. Being a Princess with more than a degree of taste, admittedly for cream, salmon & cheese, I resolved to get some class into my bedroom. On further consideration an interior designer was probably better, I’ve seen what kids turn out at school and its not pretty I can tell you!

  Scratching around the bedroom, which believe me plays havoc on the claws, I discovered there were more colors on them there walls than you could wave swatch at. I found canary yellow (tricky color to get a hold of I reckon on account of it flying and all), pale yellow, bright blue, light blue, three shades of green, beige, magnolia and white, though none of the 50 shades of gray peep keeps talking about. Then there were the layers of wall paper, lets not mention that! OK so I’ve mentioned it but lets not go there, suffice to say it needed to be stuck back down!  Taking stock, which apparently some also call “rustling” (clearly they had seen dodgy wallpaper too!), I came to the conclusion that this redecoration wasn’t going to be easy.

First I had to pick a color, something feminine for sure, something Princess like. I had it in my mind, picture it if you will, black walls with a fetching white motif and whiskers to add that certain you know what, a bit like me really. Hmm maybe not, you can have too much of a good thing, and it would hardly be the uplifting effect I want no matter how regal. No, it had to be feminine & subtle with enough peepiness that he would be happy too. Yep… its gotta be PINK!

Getting peep to do anything is a bit of a chore, getting him to pick paint let alone pick Pink paint wasn’t going to be easy. The best plan, so far as I could see, was to get the old paint looking really tired and distressed and thus ripe for a tidy up, and then hit him with the swatch card and my choice. Whilst he’s about it, he could sort the drapes too.

I had seen some color cards in with the Power Nap device in the wardrobe, so it didn’t take much effort to get the ball rolling, though in my experience sometimes them balls, much like mice, just don’t want to stop once they’ve started!

Now the following day was rainy, so I headed on over to my fave spot under the hedge and settled down on the damp, smelly and muddy undergrowth. On returning home I didn’t stop to wipe my paws, as one should, but headed on up to the bedroom window ledges to begin phase 1 of the operation. Jumping off a window ledge, text book fashion, means putting ones paws on the wall under the ledge and pushing off, which I find gives me enough boost to miss peeps tummy and land somewhere safe and frankly less wobbly! After a few minutes of leaping, the walls had taken on a mottled pattern, and certainly one that after drying would be hard to ignore.

So to phase 2, the piece de resistance! It came late that evening when I trotted in with one of my sparrow friends, and happily dropped it at peeps feet. Now by prior arrangement with sparrow, just as peep went to pick it up it flew off with yours truly in hot pursuit, muddy paws n all, heading for the bedroom!

Well I chased that sparrow up down and around, and even went back downstairs, across the sofa (and peep) and back up and around the bedroom for good measure. The net result, well I’ll leave that to your imagination, but I can honestly say that by the time peep caught up with us I thought the makeover was in the bag. Now peeps ability to not see things truly amazes me, and whether it was because it was so late I can not say, but he just really didn’t seem to notice! He just released the sparrow from the bathroom, gave me a stern glance and a rebuke for disturbing the neighbors at such a late hour, and withdrew my cream privileges. With not a mention of the décor disaster, peep went to bed and left me to contemplate my plans seeming failure.

The following morning came, as mornings do, and I woke just early enough to make sure I could wake peep to feed me. Alas, as it was Saturday, he refused all enticement to get up at the usual 4.30 so I tottered on to my reserve bowl of crunchy biscuits, and did a little bit of stage setting. When peep surfaced there was sufficient light to see the full extent of the damage from the previous nights romp. I could see the little cogs whirring (though clunking may be a better choice of word for that time of day) in realization of the state of things. It was then that I hit him, well more accurately I let the color card thingy (with a gentle nudge from me) fall from the dressing table where I sat, onto his foot. Picking it up he was immediately drawn to the only colors that didn’t have (fresh) paw prints on, namely the pinks and some sickly mustard yellows, by way of contrast you understand.

Now clearly this struck (no pun intended) a chord, for peep headed back to bed with it and a cup of full strength de-caf to consider options. This was all very positive for sure, bar for the fact he forgot to feed me! The things you have to suffer for your art, and decorating huh!

   Things progressed, and peep soon got the wallpaper doing what wallpaper should do, namely staying stuck in place. Now I’d like to say at this point that things went well from thereon in. Yes, I’d like to say that, truly, but in true peep fashion things went awry when he went out and bought, yes bought without my approval! some pots of paint. Now I did offer to go with him, in fact I jumped in the car, but peep was adamant I needn’t worry and he wasn’t going to be gone long, and with that he popped me out and headed off. What he came back with later that day, when I wasn’t there, was a selection of them small test pots that allow you to try, and I stress “in a discreet/generally unseen area”, the color of your choice. Now, what you’re not meant to do is cover the wall as far as possible with every last drop of the pot and then repeat the exercise around the room with every other pot.

Anyway, when I got home later that afternoon from a mousing outing, I was confronted with a bedroom in various shades of…..Eek……PURPLE! Not subtle pink or even medium pink but bright purple! What was worse, if you can imagine such, was that it wasn’t just one shade of purple, no ma’am, it was five shades all in various stages of drying, and each getting darker as I watched!

Now peep, somewhat surprisingly given he had picked the colors, was sat at the end of the bed transfixed by the scene unfolding before him, and I distinctly heard him mutter “….that’s not what it looks like on the pot!”  I must confess that I was less restrained, I yowled, and I don’t often yowl as its not Princess like, but with paw over my eyes I yowled. I yowled so much in fact that peep, thinking I was sick (and he wasn’t far wrong), dropped the last pot of paint and took me downstairs for some cuddles and cream.

Well next day (after a long sleepless and noisy night) and with lesson duly learned, peep headed off once more to the paint shop. Armed this time WITH the color card thingy, he picked up one very large pot of subtle pink paint, or as peep said “it’s not pink, its a hint of strawberry”, men huh! He also got a lovely subtle “strawberry” linen style blind. Alas, as we have two windows, the less than subtle bright green blind that he also bought was duly banished to the wardrobe, with the Power Nap device.

Now it took peep 3 coats of paint over the next 3 days to cover the various shades of purple, and to his credit he covered every last blackcurrenty bit of it, well every last bit, bar an area behind the bedside table which he had just painted around, clearly them old habits die hard! All in all I think I was lucky to get him that far, and we do now have matching walls (almost) and a singularly singular strawberry blind, with a promise of one more to come, in PINK!

Now the irony is, (and despite all my best efforts) with the pictures rehung in the room, in most lights you don’t really see the pink at all! Wowser!

Hmm….maybe purple would’ve been better……….?